Our History

22 Years and Counting!

Faith in Action Steuben County began as "Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers Program of the Greater Hornell Area" in January, 1995; with an extraordinary amount of legwork by a compassionate from Hornell and surrounding communities who recognized that often, people were released from the hospital before they were entirely able to take care of themselves.

In 2003, the name was changed to "Faith in Action of the Greater Hornell Area." We have altered that now to "Faith in Action Steuben County," as we have expanded our service area to include Corning and the eastern part of the county in the fall of 2006.

The first year of services, 1995, saw 75 individuals step forward to volunteer, serving 60 recipients. Those volunteers gave 1,163 hours of their time, driving 3,661 miles in the process.

The totals for 2016 have grown to 175 volunteers serving 530 active recipients, providing 6,600 hours of service, and driving 82,000 miles in the process! We have thrived because of the commitment and compassion of the people of Steuben County. We lean on them to help us continue the good work of helping others as our history continues to be written.